Mobilus vibracijų matavimas

Specialist firms have become established in the field of vibration measurement technology, who provide services for analysing and rectifying vibration problems.

Large companies use their own in-house technicians to perform the vibration servicing of their plant and machinery.

Vibration analysis requires the on-site acquisition of relevant data.

Inobalt's mobile measurement case enables users to acquire data from a wide range of different types of signal. Versions exist for virtually any type of connection. The typical types of sensor connection are Lemosa, BNC, Tuchel or customized connections.

ProfiSignal's Vibro option enables users to portray and evaluate raw vibration data, frequency spectrums and characteristic values.

Inobalt's mobile vibration-measurement case is intended for users who perform on-site machinery measurements either independently or with PC support. The measurement cases are designed to cope with tough environments and frequent relocations. They have an internal data storage capability to enable independent measurement over long periods of time.

Benefits of Inobalt products


  • Compact mobile measurement case for tough environments
  • Connectivity for virtually any type of vibration sensor
  • FFT analysis and characteristic value computation integrated within the case system
  • Monitoring of vibration levels
  • Process and vibration measurement can be performed with a single case system
  • Intelligent data logging within device
  • Visualization and analysis using time signal, trend spectrum, FFT cascade and orbit diagrams