Mobilus duomenų įrašymas

Inobalt's mobile systems (mobile measurement case), are popular because of their robustness and modular design. Practice has shown that user requirements can vary greatly. Delphin's modular systems are therefore able to match exactly what users require.
Inobalt provide competitively priced products whether for one-off mobile measurement cases for a specific requirement, or for a series of cases to equip servicing technicians. Delphin have in-house planning and production teams who can design and supply inexpensive products. Inobalt hardware devices form the basis of the mobile measurement cases. Depending on the application required, this hardware can include the LogMessage (data logger) or the Expert Key.
Inobalt's modular design enables individual customer requirements to be met on:

  • The number of and type of channels and/or connectors
  • Independent operation or laptop support

Customers benefit from mobile measurement cases because user requirements are taken into account right at the planning phase. Many aspects are important here:

  • Whether the case is to be used around the world, and needs to be designed for air travel.
  • Whether the case is intended for industrial environments to diagnose and rectify malfunctions in machinery and plant, and therefore requires modular hardware to simultaneously acquire vibration and process data.
  • Whether the case is to be used for field trials to acquire environmental data, including remote data transfer to a central server or data storage to a stick. The data logger then requires a larger data storage capacity to record measurement data with date/time stamps.
  • Whether the mobile measurement case is to be used for appraisal/reviews/test purposes.

A good example is the use of mobile measurement cases for servicing gas turbines. It is essential here for measurement data to be stored at a high resolution. Delphin's ProfiSignal software for data evaluation is then integrated into the system.

Benefits of Expert Key and LogMessage devices

Mobile measurement cases can be supplied with either the Expert Key or LogMessage device. These are equipped with integrated signal conditioning making transducers necessary only in exceptional cases. Patented analog inputs prevent hazardous earth loops that can distort measurement readings.
Even for fault diagnostics, it is not necessary to continuously record data. Trigger-based data recording, with pre and post histories, can also be used. The high density at which Delphin products record data is often the reason for users choosing Delphin. Message devices can both continuously record data as a background service and record event-triggered data to files along with pre and post histories.