Testavimo procesas

Technical products are required to meet ever increasing test criteria. At the same time, lead times from product development to product launch must be as short as possible. Optimizing test procedures is therefore essential. Effective test stand automation is a means to this end.
Test stand automation refers to the automation of testing procedures and the processing and evaluating of input and measurement data.
Conventional automation and PLC systems are generally unsuited to test stand automation.


However, Inobalt's Message and Expert hardware, plus the ProfiSignal software, deliver complete systems for test stand automation. Inobalt products save time and costs by giving its customers fast, effective and transparent systems for test stand automation.
ProfiSignal is a single package to meet every requirement for recipe selection, test parameter input, automation of test and processing runs and the automation of evaluations and reports. Message and Expert hardware and ProfiSignal software are fully compatible and enable users to easily generate their own automated test stand systems. External software developers or IT specialists are not required, test system availability is increased and the maintenance and housekeeping of testing systems is simplified.

Benefits of Inobalt products


  • Test stand automation with a fully compatible package of hardware and software
  • Cost and time savings from ready-made Klicks modules
  • Users generate their own automated test stand systems
  • Test stand automation requiring no PLC knowledge or language learning
  • Programming with Klicks avoids input errors
  • Multiple, separate test stands within one system (multi-application)
  • A combination of different procedures simplifies testing
  • Import of test parameters and exporting of results via ODBC/SQL
  • Connectability to external hardware
  • Formula editor for online computations and automated evaluation
  • Accessing reports using ProfiSignal Viewer
  • Automated generation of PDF reports
  • Integrated *.dll interface for linking external libraries
  • Simple maintenance and upkeep of automated test systems