Testavimai, bandymai ir automatizacija

Inobalt develop products for users in industry and academia involved in developing their own systems for inspection, testing and automation. Inobalt products also enable system integrators to develop their own turn-key solutions.

The user friendly and fully compatible hardware and software and drivers have made many users very happy. Users can perform their tasks more easily and with more success than is possible with other products. Inobalt products can be used for applications with small numbers of channels (e.g. bounce testing on switches) or for applications with thousands of channels (e.g. turbine testing). A further area of activity is the monitoring and automation of experiments in laboratories and testing facilities.

Inobalt's own application engineers are available to help users develop the systems they require. Inobalt also cooperates with a network of system integrators. Inobalt's hardware and software has patent protection. Inobalt delivers systems that function better and with greater ease than those from competitors.


Inobalt distinguishes between indoor laboratory applications and outdoor field systems, as well as between systems with just a few channels and those with many channels. Indoor systems (laboratories, test systems) are suited to Inobalt devices without internal data storage - such as the Expert Key devices). Inobalt recommends LogMessage devices for outdoor field systems. ProfiMessage is suitable for systems with more than 60 channels, for both indoor and outdoor applications.

The ProfiSignal Klicks automation language

Get to know the appeal of ProfiSignal Klicks. ProfiSignal Klicks has been granted many patents. ProfiSignal Klicks can be used to:

  • Automate, visualize and and operate experiments
  • Acquire, monitor and evaluate measurement data
  • Enable users to monitor and operate processes through visualization procedures
  • Automatically generate reports
  • Generate parameter views for entering parameters (e.g. recipes) for series testing
  • Utilize the SQL interface to integrate company database systems

Klicks enables the easy generation and maintenance of applications. No specialist IT knowledge is required. Users do not have to learn a programming language. Lead times, from the initial idea to a functioning application, can be drastically shortened. Users are not required to learn and type in commands. Instead they select programmable instructions from context menus. Specialist knowledge in not required.

"Klicks - The automation software for technicians, scientists and engineers" explains how users can develop their own applications using ProfiSignal Klicks.

Interfaces and drivers

Inobalt products are equipped with drivers and interfaces to enable systems to import/export data to external hardware and software. Laboratory equipment (e.g. scales, analysis/output devices) can be connected via RS232/RS485 interfaces. The required protocols are included. PROFIBUS and Modbus are used for data transfer between process control systems. The following are included with Expert Key and LogMessage devices:
OPC Client