Pavarų dėžių testavimo stendai panaudojant vibracijų matavimo įrangą

Inobalt cooperates with other company to advise, design, plan and supply test stand measurement systems for the inspection of gear units. The measurement systems are made up of special vibration velocity sensors, one or more Inobalt AMDT modules for signal processing and the ProfiSignal evaluation software. The system has a range of interface options to enable its integration into existing hardware and software set ups.

The measurement system enables user to, for example, determine vibration values for gear units (fingerprint), signal analysis, data archiving, in-depth analysis of data with assessment on series production. This also enables users to perform acceptance tests for gear units (geometry) according to ISO 8579-1/2 using vibration velocity inspection and quality inspections for airborne-sound gear meshing.

Product features


  • Synchronous and parallel acquisition of up to 16 vibration signals
  • Digital signal processing (DSP)
  • FFT computation and monitoring directly within Message device
  • Determination of characteristic values (Peak-Peak, Gap), order analysis
  • Characteristic value monitoring and alarm notification (text messaging, email)
  • PROFIBUS-DP or Modbus RTU/TCP interface to enable reporting to main control systems
  • Measurement data trends and analysis using ProfiSignal and data networks
  • Evaluation using orbit, FFT, cascade and XY graphs
  • Calculation of envelope frequency spectrum and vibration speed

Benefits of Inobalt products


  • Quick detection of test sample weakness via signal imaging analysis
  • Quality control via detailed acceptance of gear units
  • Simultaneous acquisition of vibration and process measurement data
  • Data logging for data security
  • Universal connection to acceleration, speed and distance sensors
  • Compact design, modules equipped for high channel density (suitable for cabinet installations)
  • Very cost effective