Gamybos procesų monitoringas ir duomenų įrašymas

Inobalt systems are trusted by customers. This is evident from the large number and range of different installations in which Inobalt products are being applied.

The examples reveal the different areas where Inobalt products are operational.

Inobalt can deliver diverse solutions through it s modular range of hardware and software. These systems provide transparent and cost-effective solutions.

Inobalt's system for process monitoring is being used in a range of medium-sized companies as well as in the chemicals industry.

Inobalt`s modular systems are based on devices that have a stand-alone capability. They can be connected to each other, and to third-party equipment, via in-house data networks.

The devices can perform a range of different tasks. In laboratories, for example, Inobalt products can be used to centrally control and monitor experiments. Users also have full control over the layout of their installations.

Message devices can function independently. In the event of data network failures, Message devices continue to function. Inobalt uses standard LAN connections rather than specialized BUS systems to save on the need for specialized cabling.

Products for process data acquisition


  • ProfiMessage: Hardware for data acquisition, monitoring and automation for systems with more than 30 channels (master-slave system).
  • LogMessage: Hardware for data acquisition, monitoring and automation for systems with less than 30 channels.
  • ProfiSignal Klicks: Measurement and automation software
  • Interfaces and drivers for a range of requirements including the integration of third-party equipment

Message devices are installed on-site and perform monitoring and storage of high-resolution data as stand-alone equipment. They are then able to transmit online and offline data to any PC. The ProfiSignal Klicks software is available for visualizing and analyzing decentralized process data, as well as for operating plant and machinery. This software enables users to easily generate their own applications. ProfiSignal Klicks can also be used for highly complex tasks. Its intuitive approach to operation rounds off a powerful PC-software package.

Benefits of Inobalt products


  • Decentralized, independent measurement data acquisition
  • Global access to measurement data via the internet
  • Global data acquisition, monitoring, and alarm functions
  • Cost savings through remote access to equipment
  • Transmission of data to a central PC/server
  • Any number of signals can be acquired
  • Easy installation and configuration of components
  • Online monitoring and offline analysis