Produktų testavimas

Inobalt's product testing systems are intended for users who test either mass produced or prototype products, or for users working in inspection agencies.
Systems can be developed by the users themselves or by systems integrators - in any event users get the system-solutions they require. Systems integrators can use ProfiSignal Klicks to deliver highly competitive systems.

Basic functioning


  • Measurement data acquisition
  • Monitoring functionality
  • Input of parameters
  • Operation and observation
  • Controlling test procedures
  • Processing data
  • Evaluating test results

Networking capability

Inobalt's hardware and software is fully network-compatible. Any PC workstation can be used to evaluate data, input parameters, and operate and observe processes.


Multiple product test procedures

Inobalt systems support the parallel running of multiple test procedures. Test procedures can be run independently of each other.


Hardware for product testing

Expert Key

Expert Key devices are available in several versions as measurement data acquisition and control devices. Expert Key devices are equipped with analog and digital inputs/outputs as well as counter and frequency inputs.


LogMessage devices are available in several different versions. The devices are equipped with analog and digital inputs/outputs as well as counter and frequency inputs. Special features include inputs with isolation voltages of up to 800 VDC. These enable, for example, temperature measurement in cases where thermocouples are directly connected to live electrical components.


ProfiMessage devices are similar to LogMessage devices. They are suitable for large numbers of channels (upwards of 30) as master-slave systems.


Automation can be performed easily using ProfiSignal Klicks software. ProfiSignal Klicks comprises predefined building blocks that have all the functions required for series testing.

Benefits of Inobalt products


  • Complete systems, measurement data acquisition, evaluation, control and automation
  • Special Klicks modules for parameter input
  • Klicks modules for dynamic reporting
  • Data security via secure data storage
  • Independently operating data logger
  • Secure monitoring functions integrated into data logger
  • Data compression via Devistore to enable highly efficient use of storage space
  • Operation and monitoring during run time
  • Data evaluation (Online/Offline)
  • Hardware requires no extra transducers/ potential isolation
  • Unrestricted networking capability
  • Alarms via text messaging/email/output for threshold violations
  • Diverse interfaces and protocols for connecting external hardware, e.g. weighing equipment, analysis equipment, displays etc.


Interfaces enable users to export measurement data to evaluation software, e.g. Excel. Test parameters and measurement data can be exchanged via ODBC/SQL.

Drivers for connecting laboratory equipment

LogMessage and ProfiMessage devices are equipped with USB and RS232/RS485 interfaces to connect measurement and control equipment, e.g. weighing machines and analysis and output devices. Protocols are available for a range of different products.

Further information

"Klicks - The automation software for technicians, scientists and engineers" explains how users can develop their own applications using ProfiSignal Klicks.