Monitoringas per nuotolį

Process monitoring via remote data transfer

Processes and their control and data acquisition systems are usually spread across several sites. These sites are not always connected to dedicated networks for data acquisition and transfer. Increasingly, however, UMTS networks are available from mobile communication providers who now offer bandwidths and accessibility to enable online monitoring.

TCP/IP-based communication enables problem-free access per internet via traditional or UMTS/HSDPA connections.

Fast access via UMTS and HSDPA

Inobalt products support UMTS and HSDPA systems which enable a continuous online transfer of process data. Automatic switching to EDGE or GSM takes place in locations with insufficient connectivity.

A VPN tunnel is generated via internet connections which enable users to securely communicate with Message and Expert devices as if they were directly connected .

Process data acquisition despite firewalls and security systems

Using a UMTS/HSDPA router system has clear benefits.

The IT security systems in many organizations prevent VPN tunnels or third-party access. Such obstacles are, however, no problem to systems of mobile process data acquisition. Such systems can access process data at any time from device memories, or establish connections for online monitoring.

These systems are, furthermore, independent of any third-party software or network infrastructure. Mobile access per laptop is of course also possible.