Shaft vibration

Expert Vibro devices are capable of acquiring, analysing and monitoring up to 16 synchronous shaft vibration sensors. Both static and dynamic movement is measured of journal-bearinged, rotating shafts in relation to fixed bearing housings. Radial shaft position and rotation is also acquired via a KeyPhasor reference on the shaft. Phase information is computed from the shaft position.


The Expert Vibro device can directly compute spectrums and characteristic values such as smax or Peak-Peak from the measured time signal. The device independently records the data, or transmits it via Ethernet or PROFIBUS-DP to DCS-systems or PCs. The ProfiSignal software and Vibro option enable users to portray and evaluate measurement data in FFT or orbit diagrams.

Shaft vibration systems are typically found in hydro-power machines, steam/gas turbines or compressors.

Benefits of Inobalt products


  • Evaluation of peak to peak spp and maximum deflection smaxmax according to VDI2059
  • Sensor – wire break - monitoring
  • Monitoring of static shaft position
  • Monitoring of dynamic shaft vibration
  • Analysis within device / frequency band monitoring
  • Speed measurement and triggering via impulse from rotating shaft
  • Process and vibration measurement in a single device
  • Intelligent recording within device
  • Visualization and analysis using time signal, trend spectrum, cascade and orbit diagrams