Data Logger Loggito

Decentralised data acquisition and monitoring


The Loggito series is a new compact and flexible measurement system for data acquisition Industry IoT. It enables inexpensive connectivity of decentralised measuring points for both low channel data logging and complex acquisition systems.

Continuous data acquisition at decentralised measuring points

Measurement data can now be acquired decentrally, on-site or centrally and viewed from anywhere using any type of user device. Loggito is highly adaptable to decentralised data acquisition and monitoring of dispersed measurement points:

  • For the inexpensive establishment of a decentralised measurement network
  • For low-channel measurement tasks in laboratories
  • For process analysis with flexible numbers of channels
  • Uses universal sensor inputs for a range of different sensor types
  • Options for scalability and extendibility

Live measurement data on any user device

In combination with ProfiSignal Web software, measurement data can be viewed live anywhere on a desktop, notebook, tablet or smartphone. Vital data can also be summarised in a graphical dashboard view.

Loggito extension module

Loggito can be connected via LAN, USB or WLAN. The Loggito Logger is equipped with an internal data storage capability to enable internal processing and the computation of measurement channels. The extension module Loggito USB is scalable to the required number of channels, e.g. in control cabinet applications, for flexible and highly cost-effective measurement solutions via direct PC connections.

Product features

  • Flexible measurement system, low-channel data logging, networked acquisition system
  • Innovative design for extendibility and connectivity using USB, LAN and WLAN technologies
  • Up to 8 GB of internal data storage for up to 240 million measurement values
  • High-precision, universal analogue inputs
  • Web based measurement data visualisation (optional)
  • Also available as a PC-supported model without logger functions

Applications using Loggito

  • Decentralised data acquisition and monitoring
  • Monitoring of decentralised, dispersed systems
  • Low-channel data acquisition
  • Laboratory applications in educational environments
  • Low-power applications, e.g. for environmental measurement technology
  • Building monitoring
  • Laboratory data acquisition
  • Construction site monitoring
  • Test stands
  • Cold storage monitoring
  • Mobile data acquisition