Controllers I/O systems


Inobalt in recent years has expanded its portfolio with automation technologies dedicated to data acquisition, remote monitoring, supervision, and energy saving. The current catalog includes 4 high technology product lines: DATA ACQUISITION AND AUTOMATION SYSTEMS: Remote I/O ModBUS systems, CANopen, Ethernet, HMI controller; INDUSTRIAL COMMUNICATION & TELECONTROL: gateway, router, communication interfaces, remote control devices, remote alarm, and remote maintenance; POWER MONITORING AND ELECTRICAL MEASUREMENT: energy power meters, energy counters, current transformers; MEASUREMENT AND CONTROL PANEL INSTRUMENTATION: isolators, signal converters, digital indicators, totalizers, Pre-setting, measuring probes. 

Inobalt is rooted in automation and electrical processes in sectors such as oil & gas, refineries, chemical and petrochemical plants, steelworks, rolling mills, foundries, paper mills, sugar, pharmaceutical, cement, metalworking, shipbuilding. At the same time, it strengthened its penetration in the electronic components distribution. Inobalt solutions offer universal and cost-effective solutions also in the manufacturing sector, in utilities, and in building automation.