Streamlined Machine Design With New Thomson Glide Screw™

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The Glide Screw™ is a breakthrough innovation from Thomson that combines the features of a linear bearing and a lead screw into one compact package. The patent-pending Glide Screw™ brings to you three tangible values: reduced footprint, improved equipment uptime, and lower cost of ownership.
Reduced footprint: Fewer components! – Integrated lead screw and linear bearing with no additional guidance needed.
Improved equipment uptime: Screw and linear bearing are already aligned.
Lower cost of ownership:
  o Easy to install: Minimal prep time makes the install process fast.
  o Minimal maintenance: Integrated Thomson Lube-for-Life lubrication block.
Custom configurations available: Special nuts, screw diameters and thread leads
available to accomodate your specific application.

Which applications are a great fit for the Glide Screw™?
The Glide Screw was designed to solve the challenge where smaller, cleaner, smoother, and quieter mechanical motion products are required, e.g.:

  • 3D printing and engraving
  • Fluid pipetting / 3-axis lab automation
  • Test tube handling
  • CD duplication
  • Pick & place
  • Syringe pumps
  • In vitro diagnostics
  • Medical imaging
  • Many others!

The Thomson Glide Screw is genuine innovation, unique in motion control, and available now.

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