Data Logger ProfiMessage


Data Loggers ProfiMessage have been specially developed for use as modular measurement, control and monitoring units. ProfiMessage uses a master/slave concept and has a range of I/O modules to meet any requirements even for multi-channel systems

Data Logger ProfiMessage functions:

  • Acquisition, recording, and analysis of measurement data
  • Monitoring and automation functions
  • Combined processing of vibration and process data
  • Universal analog inputs with high measurement precision
  • Galvanic isolation between channels
  • Simple and intuitive configuration and operation
  • Ethernet interface for online operation
  • USB interface for data memory read out
  • Two PROFIBUS interfaces (single or redundant, according to PNO 2.212 V1.2)
  • Four serial interfaces
  • Freely configurable CAN bus interface
  • Compact and modular design
  • Configuration in XML format

ProfiMessage applications:

  • Modular measurement data acquisition and monitoring
  • Process data acquisition and preprocessing
  • Fault data acquisition and fault diagnostics
  • Acquisition, processing and recording of PLC and field bus signals
  • Monitoring device for process and vibration signals
  • Automation device for experiments and test stands
  • Remote monitoring device for plant and machinery