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Inobalt is looking forward to the new servo motors from KOLLMORGEN

“Smaller with more power. This is a very good combination with which we are now able to equip machines for increased productivity and more flexibly", Inobalt – manager Rolandas , Obsta has been appointed as the face of a new development of drive technology partner Kollmorgen. The possibilities offered by the second-generation servo motor AKM2G for Inobalt especially in the field of machine performance, have been reported to Mr. Obsta by the manufacturer.

In September, Kollmorgen hosted a partner event at its Ratingen European headquarters entitled "Together we can do more". The two-day event offered plenty of room for discussions with other contract partners and provided in-depth technical knowledge about today's automation solutions as well as the innovations of tomorrow. Partners from Europe and India did not miss the opportunity to gather know-how straight from the source. "We maintain a really close and cooperative relationship with Kollmorgen. In turn, this is a big plus for our customers", says Rolandas Obsta.

The second generation of AKM2G synchronous servo motors delivers up to 30% more torque, due to Kollmorgen’s expertise in developing and manufacturing compact, efficient motors that are powerful and highly configurable. Kollmorgen has succeeded in significantly reducing the winding losses, which directly improves the already efficient torque/revs ratio of existing AKM servo motors to date. "The second-generation AKM2G motors offer our partners more power with the same construction footprint," says Jan Treede, host and CEO of Kollmorgen Europe.

Kollmorgen Inobalt AKM2G Motor

Kollmorgen's EU meeting gave first-hand information about the new generation of AKM2G motors. Inobalt – Manager Rolandas Obsta and Jan Treede CEO of Kollmorgen Europe, look forward to upcoming joint projects. 

Kollmorgen AKM2G Servo Motors front

AKM2G Product Image
Smaller with more power: Kollmorgen has further increased the power density of the AKM2G servo motor.


Kollmorgen Inobalt AKM2G Motor new

Inobalt is looking forward to the new possibilities offered by the Kollmorgen AKM2G range of servo motors when in use. 



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