New Max Jac® IP69K electric linear actuator delivers reliable and robust performance in rugged applications

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Thomson’s newest release of a heavy-duty linear actuator, the Max Jac® electric linear actuator is designed for high performance in the toughest applications. It is built to work with virtually no maintenance while maintaining accuracy under the most harsh conditions.

The Max Jac actuator has a stainless steel adapter and extension tubes which prevent leakage and enable it to achieve IP69K protection class status.

The Max Jac actuator successfully completed the following rigorous tests without compromise in performance and accuracy:

  • 500 hours of salt spray
  • Exposure to aggressive substances such as fertilizers, acid, oil, grease and cleaning agents
  • Rigorous vibration testing
  • Extreme temperatures ranging from -40°C to +85°C.

Thomson has created an electric linear actuator designed specifically for rugged use in mobile off-highway applications such as: fertilizer or salt and sand spreaders, throttle control or seeding applications, plus a broad array of marine, offshore, rail, mining and other applications with significant wash down or exposure to aggressive substances.

Will the Max Jac fit into my application?

The Max Jac can be custom designed by Thomson engineers to accommodate the demands of your specific application.

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