Vibration measurement

Inobalt's vibration measurement technology is intended for users involved in vibration monitoring and analysis and damage diagnostics.
The technology meets user requirements not only because of its user-friendliness and cost effectiveness but also because users can integrate it into their systems of process monitoring.
Users will experience for themselves that Inobalt products have more to offer than other products on the market. One of the technology's special features is its ability to perform the system's main functions independently within the Expert Vibro device itself even when PCs and networks have failed.

Many medium sized companies are using Inobalt's vibration measurement technology. The Expert Vibro system offers users a range of functions to meet their specific requirements.

Examples of applications

Monitoring vibrations in steam turbines and air gaps
Damage diagnostics in marine transmissions, bearings and shafts
Acquisition and monitoring of combustion chamber vibrations in gas turbines
Monitoring and signal evaluation at test stands
Mobile vibration measurement technology (measurement case)


With its Expert Vibro device, Inobalt have successfully combined the processing of complex functions with high levels of flexibility in a user-friendly system. Vibration measurement systems can now be used where they had previously been economically infeasible. The device is equipped with a high powered, dual core FPGA processor based on ARM technology giving users ample reserves of processing power.


The Vibro software option from ProfiSignal enables users to portray online and offline FFT, cascade, time-signal and orbit diagrams. Process data and vibration data can be monitored and evaluated in a single system.
The system offers users diagrams with a range of analysis functions. Customized documentation can be created with a report generator.

Connecting to data networks

A special feature is Expert Vibro'sProfiMessage LAN interface which enables it to connect to data networks.
Users can connect Message devices to a LAN socket and then access and evaluate measurement data from any authorized PC on the network.
Secure process monitoring and data acquisition
The independently operating Expert Vibro devices guarantee users secure and continuous data acquisition and monitoring. The security of Inobalt`s technology is based on an internal data storage capability as well as independently operating monitor functions in the Expert Vibro device. Inobalt has done everything to overcome the effect that failure-prone data networks can have on process monitoring.

Vibration measurement and process data in a single system

Solutions for process and vibration monitoring usually require two separate, independent systems. This creates higher purchase costs, higher operating costs, and higher system-maintenance costs. Installation space may also become an issue.
The design of Inobalt systems overcome such problems. Inobalt systems enable users to acquire process and vibration data in a single compatible system. This gives users obvious benefits including user-friendliness and practicality plus a compact design requiring minimal installation space.

Expert Vibro module

The compact, industrial-grade, modular design of Expert Vibro devices, with detachable clamps and rail mountings, enable their easy installation in cabinets and housings.
Expert Vibro devices can acquire vibration signals such as speed, acceleration and direction as well as typical process data such as pressure, temperature, flow and rotation.
Vibration data is recorded and aggregated directly within the Message devices as meaningful characteristic values and FFTs. Alarm functions monitor characteristic values. In the event of a malfunction they can transmit text messages, faxes, or emails and trigger digital outputs.

Benefits of Inobalt products


  • Synchronous and parallel acquisition from up to 48 vibration signals per device
  • Simultaneous acquisition of vibration and process signals
  • Independent operation to give secure vibration monitoring
  • Can be deployed as a subsystem of a process control system
  • Extremely cost effective
  • Can determine characteristic values (Peak-Peak, Gap), order analysis
  • Data logger memory for independent and long-term acquisition of machine data
  • Monitoring/alarms (text message, email, fax)
  • PROFIBUS-DP or Modbus RTU/TCP interface to enable reporting to main control systems
  • Analysis of online / offline measurement data at a desktop PC
  • Evaluation using orbit, FFT, cascade and Yt diagrams
  • Calculation of envelope frequency spectrum and vibration speed
  • High powered vibration diagnosis system with integrated data memory for independent, long-term data recording capability
  • Universal connection for acceleration, speed, and distance sensors
  • Compact design and compact channel feeds enabling easy installation within cabinets