Linear guides

Profile rail and roundrail guide systems


The Thomson Profile Rail assortment consists of the next generation Profile Rail 500 Series ball and roller linear guides, 400 Series, AccuMini, compact miniature MicroGuide®, and lightweight T-Series.  It is a complete offering of rails and carriages in a broad range of styles, sizes and unique features produced to industry standard dimensions for easy retrofitting into existing applications or designing into new applications. When your design requires precision linear motion – whether it’s retrofit into an existing system or designed into a new one – profile rail linear guides and carriage assemblies are an optimal choice.

Continuing the decades-long tradition of high-quality, innovative and precise linear motion products, Thomson profile rail linear guides are available in a variety of sizes and styles with features that can be matched to your exact application requirements.

RoundRail linear guides are the non-driven building blocks for linear slide tables. They offer flexibility to fit specific envelopes by allowing customized separations between shafts and/or bearings on shafts to produce higher moment capacity. When combined with ball screw assemblies, they become a driven slide table. 

For optimal self-alignment of bearing components with minimal stress, Thomson linear guide rail systems deliver ultra-smooth travel when mounted to wider-tolerance, prepared surfaces. Our linear rail systems are available in a wide range of sizes, bearing types and mounting configurations to best accommodate your motion control designs and applications.