Research/ Measurements/ Testing


Company Inobalt specializes in test and measurement systems and equipments for industrial use. Our product range covers everything from transducer to the full size production tests solutions.

We design and manufacture customized test and measurement systems. Our services include automation design, manufacturing and commissioning.

Company's Inobalt measurement solutions are mainly used in product development, research and maintenance.

Inobalt has a wide selection of devices from transducer to the high-end analyzers. Typical measurable values are temperature, vibration, pressure, rotation, force, torque, strain and noise. Systems are widely used in vehicle- and defense industry, universities, research institutes, electronics and in machine building applications.


Production machines and devices should work without unplanned interruptions. High usability of productive machinery assumes predictive maintenance measurement to avoid expensive device damages and manufacturing interruptions. Inobalt has wide product range that includes transducers, portable measuring devices and permanently installed monitoring systems suitable for maintenance and safety.


Our basic business principle is customer satisfaction!

We want to do our best to serve our customers and make sure that customer is satisfied with our products and services. We are committed to premium quality and agreed delivery times.

By our work we want to show that we are trustworthy cooperation partner!


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