Dew point meters and measurement tools for compressed air and gases

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The choice of the correct measuring device is decisive for correct dew point measurement and humidity measurement in compressed air and gas. Dew point measurement and monitoring in compressed air systems is essential. Drying of granulate in plastics technology, the generation and usage of various technical gases (N2, O2, Ar, H2) and a lot more applications require professional dew point measurement equipment for perfect operation. Proven and reliable dew point meters from CS Instruments are helping customers worldwide to ensure the required product quality in compressed air and gas systems.

As experience manufacturer of dew point sensors CS Instruments offer a wide and field proven product portfolio for dew point sensors. Our delivery program includes especially designed stationary and mobile solutions for dew point monitoring of refrigeration, desiccant or membrane driers. Ideal accessories like measuring chambers, dry containers or diffusion tight hose ensure that CS dew point systems are the perfect solution for a trouble-free dew point measurement.

Standard interfaces are 4…20mA, Modbus RTU or M-Bus. Furthermore, all dew point sensors can be combined easily with our data loggers. Dew point sensors form CS Instruments enables a reliable and long-term stable monitoring of the pressure dew point in industrial applications from -80 to +20 °C dew point. We recommend the indirect installation with measuring chamber. This enables easy mounting and dismounting of the probe without interruption of the line, a quick response time and optimum sensor protection.