Riveja Ltd is changing company name to Inobalt Ltd

inobalt logo

We would like to inform you, that from 21 September, 2012 the company RIVEJA Ltd officially changes its name to INOBALT Ltd.

Company's code, VAT code, registration address, contact phones, bank account details remain unchanged, except e-mail and website addresses.

All collaboration contracts signed remain valid, no need to resign.

Starting from the 21 September, 2012 we kindly ask you to change the company name in your systems.

Registration address:
H. Manto str. 84-310 Klaipeda, Lithuania LT-92294

Company reg. No.: 141319369
VAT No.: LT413193610
Account: AB SEB LT607044060000544837 SWIFT/BIC: CBVILT2X
Ph.: +370 612 22499
E-mail: info@inobalt.ltrolandas@inobalt.lt
http://www.inobalt.lt http://www.inobalt.com