Load cells


Dini Argeo designs and manufactures load cells and weighing sensors that stand out for their high quality and easy of installation. Through its production lines and highly qualified specialized partners, Dini Argeo is able to produce load cells of every type and for every need, from precision weighing to safety control. Off-Center/Single Point load cells are ideal for creating weighing areas with optimal measurement accurancy in any point. They are the best solution to create micro dispensers. weighing platforms, plates and belts at competitive prices. Thank s to their machanical features, Off-Center load cells are particularly reactive and suitable for fast and dynamic weighing. They can be used individually (single load cell system) and in connection (system with multiple load cells). Bending Beam load cells combine reactivity and accurancy of Off-Center /Single Point load cells with the strenght of Shear Beam ones. The secret to achieving optimum accurancy with Bending Beam load cells is to apply the force in s specific range of mounting accesories. They are the best solution to create weighing roller conveyors and check-weighers. Ideal for systems with multiple load cells. Shear Baem load cellsare the ideal solution to weight medium capacity silos and hoppers and to create systems with multiple load cells, such as floor platforms. The secret to acheve optimums accurancy with Shear Beam load cells is to apply the force in a specific point; for state-of-the-art installations, both is tattic and dynamic applications, we offer a coplete range of mounting accesories. Ideal for systems with multiple load cells. Double Shear Beam load have the same features as Shear beam load cells but with much higher load capacities. They find application in large capacity silo weighing and are the best choice for the cosntruction of weighbridges. Ideal for systems with multiple load cells. Tension/Compresion load cells are perfet for weighing suspended loads or for measuring tensile or compressive forces, breaking loads or weight peak. They represent the easiest solution to weight a hopper, a big bag or any other load that has an irregular shape. Compression load cells are the best solution to weight medium and large capacity silos, hoppers and tanks. The particular compact shape thet charakterises them is design to weight without mechanical bending making them very robust and resistent even to extreme stress. Mounting kits for Compression load cells make them particularly easy to install under the structure to be weighed. Column load cells are ideal for the construction of weighbriges and large capacity silos weighing. Their shape allows the load to oscillate within the set limits and always return to its original position for optimum weighing. This feature is indispensable in the manufacture of state-of-the-art weighbriges. Using assembly kits, these load cells can accurately weight large capacity silos and hoppers.