Monitoring and process overview

Inobalt's process monitoring has been designed for industrial and academic users involved in the generation, operation and optimization of processes. Inobalt products are used also by system integrators to develop turn-key solutions.

The many Inobalt applications being used in many different industries provide Inobalt with a wealth of experience in batch and process engineering.

Users achieve real benefits by using Inobalt systems, both for small and large installations. These benefits are delivered by Inobalt's Message hardware and its patented and award-winning ProfiSignal measurement and automation software.

Networking capability 

Machinery and plant components etc. can be linked into a single system via a LAN. Individual machines, ovens, etc. can then be operated and monitored from any PC on the network. Data can be evaluated and the results presented in reports.

Basic functioning


  • Secure process monitoring
  • Managing and automating processes
  • Acquiring high-resolution data and adaptive recording
  • Data server design depending on the size of system
  • Operating and monitoring machinery using visualisation views at the machine and at any networked PC
  • Measurement data evaluation in intranet and internet
  • Documentation via dynamic reporting functions
  • Connection to third-party equipment via standard interfaces
  • Data transfer to specialized analysis programs
  • SQL interface to link company database systems


The devices can be connected via a LAN to data networks. The devices are equipped with TCP/IP addresses to enable LAN integration. They can then be located anywhere across an intranet network.


LogMessage devices (for up to 30 channels) can function as stand alone units by performing basic functions such as monitoring, control and data recording within the device itself. They can therefore function continuously even in the event of PC or network failures.

A special feature are inputs with isolation voltages of up to 650 VDC. These enable, for example, the measuring of temperatures when thermocouples are directly connected to live electrical components.


ProfiMessage devices are designed as modular master/slave systems and are suitable for systems using high numbers of channels (>30).


ProfiSignal Klicks contains user-generated modules that contain all the functions required for process engineering systems.


The DataService is the hub for all incoming and outgoing data. It manages all data traffic and records high-resolution data adaptively and securely to measurement databases. The DataService also enables authorized PCs to communicate with each other across the network and is compatible with systems that use centralized data servers.

User-generated applications

Users wanting to develop their own applications using ProfiSignal Klicks should refer to "Klicks - The automation software for technicians, scientists and engineers" .

Benefits of Inobalt products


  • Special ProfiSignal Klicks procedures to facilitate parameter/recipe input. Especially beneficial for batch processes
  • Operation from any networked PC. PCs can be located directly at the installation or anywhere on a network
  • Special procedures for the dynamic generation of reports
  • Data security via GB-sized memory and independent and stand alone data logging
  • Data recorded with date/time stamp
  • Optional centralized data server
  • Measurement data evaluation worldwide via internet
  • Secure monitoring functions
  • Data compression using Devistore. Highly efficient use of data memory
  • Diagnostic data storage at high resolution with pre and post histories
  • Operation and monitoring during runtime from any networked PC
  • Data evaluation (on-/offline) during runtime
  • No requirement for extra transducers/ potential isolation
  • Digital inputs configurable as switch/frequency/counter inputs
  • Patented analog inputs prevent hazardous earth loops that can distort measurement readings
  • Fully network-compatible hardware and software
  • Alarms via text messaging/email/output
  • Diverse interfaces and protocols for connecting external hardware, e.g. weighing equipment, analysis equipment, displays etc.
  • SQL interface to link in-house database systems

Process and vibration monitoring from a single system

Inobalt provide highly effective solutions for user requirements in process and vibration monitoring. Such solutions use ProfiMessage hardware with the ProfiSignal Klicks Vibro option.


A comprehensive system for alarm management is available via the AlarmManagement option. This option enables alarms to be triggered, and displays alarms with dates, times and commentary texts.