Data acquisition & data logger


Inobalt products are being used widely in industry and academic institutions to acquire and evaluate measurement data. Inobalt also helps system integrators to generate turn-key systems.

Users will enjoy working with the latest technology utilized by Inobalt's hardware and software products. Inobalt products are better at meeting user requirements than other products on the market and their user friendly hardware/software packages have won over many users.

Patented analog inputs prevent data corruption and reassure users on the security of their measurement data. Additional potential isolation is unnecessary. Channels can be individually configured for different types of sensor and do not require any additional transducers. Acquisition is possible for both high density (up to 100,000 values/second) and slow channels (e.g. temperature measurements). This capability has proven in practice to be highly advantageous.

Inobalt products provide the most efficient method to get from sensor connection to trend output. The system operates as plug&play and enables users to quickly commence acquiring and evaluating their data.

The compact hardware design is hallmarked by easily accessible connectors. The Delphin data logger can function independently and requires no PC support. It can store up to two billion data values, each with a time and date stamp. Data can be transferred at any time and has adaptable methods of data storage. This avoids data redundancy and significantly increases data storage capacity.

Versatile online software channels are a unique feature of Delphin data loggers and can be used to perform calculation, monitoring and logical procedures. Software channels can be configured according to user requirements and run independently within the logger.


Hardware and software from a single source


Inobalt's hardware and software package is especially beneficial to users. The ProfiSignal Go software is included free of charge with Expert Key or LogMessage devices. It is powerful software for measurement data acquisition and evaluation.

ProfiSignal Go has already impressed many different customers through its practicality and user friendliness.




Inobalt distinguishes between indoor laboratory applications and outdoor field systems, and between systems that have few channels and those with many channels. Indoor systems use (laboratories, test systems) use Delphin devices that do not require an internal data storage capability (e.g. Expert Key devices). For outdoor applications, we recommend the LogMessage data logger or the TopMessage devices. TopMessage are suited to systems with channels numbering from 60 to several thousands.




The ProfiSignal Go software is included in the package. Customers prefer ProfiSignal Go to other, more expensive software. A clear benefit is the instantaneous switching from online monitoring to offline evaluation.

ProfiSignal Go offers all the functions that users need to run their systems effectively.


Interfaces and drivers


Drivers and interfaces are available to enable data import/export to external hardware and software. Laboratory equipment (e.g. scales, analysis/output devices) can be connected via RS232/RS485 interfaces. The required protocols are included. PROFIBUS and Modbus are used for data transfer between process control systems. The following are available with the delivery of Expert Key and LogMessage devices:
OPC Client
Modbus TCP-driver