Casing vibration

Vibrations occur frequently in machinery and test stands. High levels of vibration can lead to inefficient performance and/or unintended shutdowns.


Expert Vibro devices can process the signals from different vibration sensors. Expert Vibro devices differ to other systems by their ability to process unfiltered measurement data. Processing takes place of vibrations in the 0 - 20,000 Hz frequency spectrum. The frequency spectrum often enables users to determine excitation frequencies. Excitation frequencies are required to enable users to improve vibration performance.

The Expert Vibro device is able to continuously acquire and monitor the level of damaging frequencies. The devices can function fully independently due to their integrated data logging capability.

Visualisation takes place using Inobalt's ProfiSignal software. Users can portray their measurement data as cascade, frequency spectrum or trend diagrams. This provides all the prerequisites for an immediate and fast analysis of vibrations. The vibration data can be saved via LAN to a server database and then analysed.

Benefits of Inobalt products


  • Connectivity for any type of vibration sensor
  • FFT analysis within device / frequency band monitoring
  • Evaluation using frequency spectrum
  • Monitoring of vibration levels
  • Process and vibration measurement in a single device
  • Intelligent data logging within device
  • Visualization and analysis using time signal, trend spectrum, FFT, cascade and orbit diagrams