Quality assurance

Quality control and quality assurance are nowadays indispensable for guaranteeing the success of products and business operations. Also, product legislation that sets down standard levels of quality is becoming increasingly stringent.
Products, machines and processing procedures require permanent monitoring and documentation as part of the ISO 9001 system of certification.
Users can create their own quality assurance systems by using ProfiSignal software in conjunction with Message and Expert devices. Such systems can be created for data acquisition and monitoring for either continuous or batch processes.
Message and Expert devices are the hardware interfaces for quality assurance systems. Both Message and Expert devices are ideally suited to quality assurance. They remain highly stable over the long term and deliver high-levels of measurement precision. Inobalt's measurement technology guarantees precise and detailed monitoring of production processes.
Data acquired from products, plant and processes can be visualized and stored using ProfiSignal. ProfiSignal has two storage options:
In batch processing, a recorder function automatically stores the measurement data to files. Triggering and recording is performed for example via a PLC start command. File names are automatically allocated that guarantee traceability and quality assurance.
In continuous processing, uninterrupted data storage takes place via ProfiSignal's DataService that runs as a background service. Data evaluation is possible for any time range and is capable of automation.
For either storage option, customized test protocols can be generated either automatically or at a mouse click, and the data stored to SQL databases.

Benefits of Inobalt products


  • Quality assurance, cause analysis, machinery diagnostics, vibration analysis and process monitoring all in a single system
  • Uninterrupted and secure data acquisition over any length of time
  • The monitoring of relevant measurement data, and alarm output in the event of malfunctions
  • PROFIBUS DP interface, modbus etc. protocols for connecting external systems
  • Increased product quality and processing stability
  • Increased production efficiency due to early detection of machine faults
  • Time or event-controlled generation of test protocols and reports according to QS-standards
  • Easy connection to existing company networks via TCP/IP
  • Scalable and modular systems that can be continuously upgraded
  • Precision measurement with averaging from millisecond to annual levels
  • Simultaneous evaluation and portrayal of online and offline data
  • Data transfer to SQL-databases for internal QS-systems