Automating long-term testing

Such Inobalt applications are intended for long-term, service-life testing. Inobalt's products and services provide users with unique solutions.
Systems can be developed by the users themselves or by systems integrators - in any event users get the system-solutions they require. Systems integrators can use ProfiSignal Klicks to deliver highly competitive systems.

Basic functioning


  • Measurement data acquisition
  • Monitoring functionality
  • Input of parameters
  • Operation and observation
  • Managing and controlling test procedures
  • Processing data
  • Evaluating test results

Networking capability

Inobalt's hardware and software is fully network-compatible. Any PC workstation can be used to evaluate data, input parameters, and operate and observe processes.

Multiple testing of product service life

Inobalt systems support multiple independent tests running in parallel.

Benefits of Inobalt products


  • Complete systems, measurement data acquisition, evaluation, control and automation
  • Data security via secure data storage
  • Data loggers function independently with integrated and secure monitoring functions
  • Measurement data with data/time stamps
  • Data compression for efficient data storage
  • Operation and monitoring during run time
  • Intermediate and final reporting functions
  • Data evaluation (Online/Offline)
  • Analysis of results
  • Hardware requires no extra transducers/potential isolation
  • Unrestricted networking capability
  • Alarms via text messaging/email/output for threshold violations or test-sample failures
  • Range of interfaces and protocols for connecting external hardware, e.g. weighing equipment

Secure data acquisition

Data security is essential in long-term testing procedures. Customers therefore opt for data loggers.
Inobalt's LogMessage and ProfiMessage data loggers can store large data volumes and are secure against the loss of valuable data.
Inobalt has developed the Devistore procedure that enables high-level data compression and efficient data storage. This results in high-speed data transmission and the immediate display of data, even for very wide time ranges.

LogMessage devices

LogMessages (with up to 30 channels) generally function as stand-alone devices. They perform measurement data acquisition tasks as well as the recording of data, the controlling of experiments and the transfer of data to PCs.
Many monitoring functions are performed within the device itself and are therefore not prone to network and PC failures.
Control functions are performed by the devices' software channels. These enable procedures, events and setpoint profiles to be established and matched to each type of test sample.
LogMessage devices are equipped with analog and digital inputs/outputs as well as counter and frequency inputs.
Special features include inputs with isolation voltages of up to 650 VDC. These enable measurements (e.g. temperature measurement) in cases where the thermocouples are directly connected to live electrical components. This feature is especially beneficial in testing household equipment.

ProfiMessage devices

These perform in a similar way to LogMessage devices. ProfiMessage devices have a modular design. ProfiMessage used as master/slave systems can accommodate large numbers of channels (upwards of 30 channels).

ProfiSignal Klicks - software for endurance testing

ProfiSignal Klicks provides functions for endurance testing in the form of predefined modules. These enable projects to be set up more efficiently than has previously been possible.

Operation and observation

This Klicks module enables the operation and monitoring of run time testing.
Visualisations (VisuViews) can also be set up. Users configure the VisuViews with objects for input, operation, monitoring and diagrams. Configuration takes place with easy to use dialogs.

Dynamic reporting (reports and protocols)

The Klicks module for reports and protocols enables users to set up automatic reporting functions. Reports may contain bibliographic data, text fields, visualization objects, images and diagrams.
Dynamic reporting is a unique feature in the Delphin product range. Measurement data is a central element within reports. Personnel who are not directly involved in the measurement procedures are then able to evaluate data output.
The ProfiSignal Viewer software is available for such tasks. The Viewer is used to view reports and evaluate test data.

Evaluating test data (online/offline analysis)

A range of diagrams such as trend and characteristic curves can be configured into VisuViews.
During analysis, switching between online monitoring and offline analysis is unnecessary. Trend diagrams enable users to pan along time axes. Test data can be accessed from any workstation on an organization's internal network.