Automating experiments and trials

Inobalt products deliver a range of functions. Users select the functions they need for their experiments and trials.

  • Measurement data acquisition
  • Operation and observation
  • Monitoring tests
  • Management and control of testing procedures
  • Recipe input
  • Evaluating experiment results
  • Parallel processing of multiple experiments
  • Database link


Inobalt systems support the parallel running of multiple experiments. Different experimental types can be performed simultaneously and independently.

Inobalt systems are ideal for trials in industry or academia.

Inobalt's hardware and software is fully network-compatible. Experiments and trials can be accessed from any authorized PC workstation.


Inobalt provide complete packages of hardware and software.


Inobalt hardware includes Expert Key, LogMessage or ProfiMessage devices.
Third-party hardware can also be utilized via software interfaces (e.g. OPC-Client).


Automation can be performed easily using the ProfiSignal Klicks software. ProfiSignal Klicks comprises predefined building blocks that contain all the functions required for series testing.

Benefits of Inobalt products


  • Complete systems, measurement data acquisition, evaluation, control and automation
  • Special Klicks modules for parameter input
  • Klicks modules for dynamic reporting
  • Data security via secure data storage
  • Independently operating data logger
  • Secure monitoring functions integrated into data logger
  • Measurement data with data/time stamps
  • Data compression via Devistore to enable highly efficient use of storage space
  • Operation and monitoring during run time
  • Data evaluation (Online/Offline)
  • Hardware requires no extra transducers
  • Hardware requires no extra potential isolation
  • Unrestricted networking capability
  • Alarms via text messaging/email/output for threshold violations
  • Diverse interfaces and protocols for connecting external hardware such as weighing equipment, analysis equipment, displays etc.

Custom-made systems

Inobalt offer users custom-made systems for full or partial applications.
Inobalt can provide users with the following services:

  • Generation of custom-made software
  • Support with system installation
  • System implementation, testing and approval
  • Training

Further information

"Klicks - The automation software for technicians, scientists and engineers" explains how users can develop their own applications using ProfiSignal Klicks.