Data acquisition via field bus

Field bus data archiving

Many sensors and actuators function as field buses, whether PPROFIBUS-DP, Modbus-RTU or Modbus-TCP, and use PLC or other control systems. If an error occurs, or if data is to be checked and stored, a suitable data logger is required.

Independent data storage directly within the hardware

Devices from the Message series enable independent data storage within the hardware itself without the need for PC-support. The in-built data storage capability (of up to 16 GB) can record up to 2 billion time-stamped data records.

In addition, field bus data, mV/mA signals and temperatures (Pt-sensors and thermocouples) can also be acquired and saved via direct connection to the Message devices.

The Message series as gateways

The data logger, with or without data storage capability, can also be used as a direct gateway. Field bus data is then fed directly into the ProfiSignal software via COM channels where it can be archived and analyzed at a central server or local PC using the Inobalt DataService. The data can also be fed into a network.

The ProfiSignal software provides comprehensive data analysis and visualisation and archiving functions.

Benefits of Inobalt products


  • Field bus Gateway–Modbus-RTU, Modbus-TCP, PROFIBUS-DP, CAN-Bus, RS232/483/422
  • Integrated data storage of up to 16GB/2 billion time-stamped data records
  • Independent data archiving without the need for PC-support
  • Decentralized or centralized data logging
  • Visualisation, analysis and archiving using the ProfiSignal software
  • Additional communication methods via OPC server/client, LabVIEW™, etc.
  • Field bus and process signalling in one system
  • Ideal for fault diagnostics, quality assurance and process optimization