Pipe Fitting Test Bench – Rotary Flex Test

Tvirtinimo-detales The company is a leading hydraulic tube and fitting manufacturer in India. The company is developing many different pipe fitting systems and is exporting 90% of the products worldwide.


Application / Problem:

In order to ensure high product quality it is required to perform pressure and leakage test of each production lot. The test engineers are performing a rotary flexure test of the hydraulic joints and fittings according to the ASTM F -1387 standard. The customer required a universal data acquisition system in order to monitor and automate the test bench application.


Proposal / Solution / Hardware:

For this test bench application the customer decided to use an Expert high speed data acquisition system in combination with ProfiSignal software.

The test are performed in the following sequence:

  • The hydraulic joints are mounted to 12 mm diameter tube which is 6 inch long.
  • This tube is then mounted to a support rest on one side and to a rotating spindle on the other side.
  • Then the spindle is rotating at a speed of 1750 rpm. While the spindle is rotating the pressure inside the tube is raise up to 25 bar.

This test is then running for 10 to 15 minutes to measure the twisting forces of the tube and to measure also the pressure level. If the pressure is declining the test engineer has an indication about leakages of the fitting seal rings.

The following picture shows the physical setup of the test bench.



The functional design is presented below.


In order to operate the test bench the test engineer uses a ProfiSignal Klicks applicationwith the following user interface (main screen).


The engineer can specify the part number of the product which is test. With a separate button he can then start the data logging and the test cycle. During the test the live data of speed (RPM), strain (Torque), deflection and pressure is displayed. At the end of the test a report is generated which shows a strip chart of all test data and a data table with all measurement values is available as well.



The advantage of the Company's Inobalt Expert system is:

  • The Expert Key 100L has universal analog and digital inputs for measurement of ration speed (pulses) and analog signal (mA, V, mV, TC, RTD) at the same time.
  • The Software ProfiSignal Klicks is a very easy to use development system for mimic building (HMI) and the programming for the data recording and reporting.
  • The USB interface makes the configuration and set up of the whole system very easy.

For more information please see: Expert Key >>


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