Data Logging on non stationary water treatment plant with Remote UMTS Access


The customer is a leading manufacturer of water treatment equipment for cooling water, boiler water, process water and pure water. The water treatment equipment for process water treatment is often installed on trailers or in containers and is rented out to customers for temporary water treatment assignments.


Application/ Problem:

For the no stationary applications (trucks & containers) the customer required data logging system with remote access to read live data and stored data. The objective is to have permanent access to the treatment system and to monitor the equipment performance and to receive alarm notification when system performance is going out of specification.


Proposal/ Solution/ Hardware:

The customer decided to install a TopMessage data logger with ADVT and DIOT module and a MoRoS UMTS router on the truck to record 12 analog and 8 digital signals (pressure, flow, temperature, system error) of the process water treatment system. With the UMTS router the customer could access the remote located truck at any time. The strength of the TopMessage data logger is also that the internal alarm and event channels perform a continuous system monitoring and report with the UMTS wireless bridge immediate alarm notification to the central head office when threshold levels are violated.

The functional design is presented below.




The installation of the Inobalt TopMessage in combination with the UMTS routergave the customer the following benefits:

  • Remote access to live data of the process water treatment unit with permanent process supervision.
  • Access to the system independently where it is installed.
  • Alarm notification in case of problem and abnormal process status.
  • Easy connection of the analog sensors and digital status inputs.
  • There was no not to have any PC installed on the remote system as the Data Logger is also taking over al Monitoring and control functions of the treatment system.


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