Compressed Air Systems Management

In times where energy conservation is a top priority for all progressive enterprises, the measurement of flow rates and consumption is becoming more and more important. However, measurement is just one step forward, in order having a complete picture of the gas and compressed air consumption in a factory a permanent monitoring, an graphical/statistical analyzes and a convenient reporting is required. For this purpose, we propose a solution that will help you to reduce a consumption of gas and compressed air.


Acquiring measurement data


Acquiring measurement data through Ethernet from several remote units


Acquiring measurement data through Ethernet/RS-485 gateway


Acquiring measurement data through RS-485 from several remote units


  • Communicates with up to 32 remote units (DS 300)
  • Communicates through Ethernet, RS-485, RS-485/ Ethernet gateway
  • Unlimited recording size (up to maximum files size of windows)
  • All sensor values can be displayed online
  • User can add his own plant schematics as a background picture to the online screen
  • Alarm monitoring and recording of alarm history
  • Graphical analyzes of up to 10 channels on one screen and up to 4 different physical units
  • Export to MS-Excel
  • Optional consumption report generator for convenient reporting and analyzing



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