Measurement data and online / offline evaluation

The ProfiSignal Go software is a system designed for day to day acquisition and evaluation of measurement data. It can be used to import data files into other third-party scientific analysis software. Our customers claim that other products are incapable of such comprehensive data evaluation from a single measurement data acquisition device or data logger. Delphin delivers packages with both hardware and software. Delphin's ProfiSignal Go has been a driver of progress in the field of measurement technology.

Online and offline modes as a single unit

The online mode (also known as the monitoring mode) and the offline mode (also known as the analysis mode) are now a single unit. Many standard products are incapable of simultaneously evaluating and recording measurement data. With Delphin products, users can analyse historical data while data is being acquired. To switch from online to offline modes requires just a single mouse click. Data continues to be acquired and stored in the background. When switching back to online mode, the online data recorded in the background, will be portrayed in the current diagram.

Process optimization:
Unlimited evaluation of high-density measurement data

The majority of measurement data acquisition systems have limits on data density. However, high data density is required for functional testing or process fault diagnostics. The ProfiSignal Go software enables users to move back in time along the time axes. Data can be visualized by compressing/extending the time and value axes. In other words: ProfiSignal Go can optimize the user's processes.

Delphin's DataService databases

A new type of DataService database enables users to store measurement data at high measurement density. Also contributing to this capability is Devistore, a Delphin procedure that tightly compress measurement data files.

Fast access to historical data

A further issue concerning measurement data acquisition systems is the speed at which they are able to access historical data. Speed of access is related to the amount of data. Delphin products enable lightening fast access to data even for extended time periods. This feature means that Delphin products can be used as sub-systems in process control applications. Delphin provide a range of specialized diagram types for vibration measurement technology especially in the fields of shaft, bearing and mechanical vibrations.

Interfaces and drivers

Drivers and interfaces are available for data import/export to external hardware and software. Laboratory equipment (e.g. scales, analysis/output devices) can be connected via RS232/RS485 interfaces. A variety of protocols are available. PROFIBUS and Modbus are used for data transfer between process control systems.

Application features

Integrated analysis functions
A range of diagrams for process and vibration data
Certifiable and detailed reports
Extensive time-savings through automated reporting
Statistical functions (min, max, differences, integrals)
Export functions (CSV)
Comment on events and immediate output
Fast access to historical data