Decentralized data acquisition

The plant and machinery that make up a process are usually located across several different sites. Data acquisition is increasingly required on-site. This is known as decentralized data acquisition. Inobalt's Message hardware series and its ProfiSignal software meet the requirements of decentralized data acquisition systems.
Inobalt devices, which function independently, are installed at the point where data is generated. Online and offline data can then be transmitted to any PC required. No extra on-site personnel or PC equipment are required thereby saving costs. The ProfiSignal software is available for visualizing and analyzing the decentralized process data as well as for managing plant and machinery operation. Just a few mouse clicks are required to configure personalized systems for decentralized processes. ProfiSignal can process even highly complex requirements. Its intuitive mode of operation makes it both a user-friendly and powerful tool.

Benefits of Inobalt products


  • Decentralized, independent data acquisition
  • Global access via the internet to measurement data
  • Global data acquisition, monitoring, and alarm functions
  • Cost savings through remote access to equipment
  • Transmission of data to a central PC/server
  • Ethernet, TCP/IP
  • Acquisition from any number of signals
  • Easy installation and configuration of components
  • Online and offline process analysis