Quality Control

Process Control is an established way to control quality of production. It provides possibility to estimate risks and incoming variations with the help of data acquisition.

Our mission is simple: to provide world-class products and services to all companies striving to improve their quality standards. Company Inobalt enables real-time process improvement decisions using the principles of Process Control:

  • reducing scrap and rework;
  • improving quality;
  • providing significant cost savings to manufacturers around the globe.

We implement different kinds of quality control systems and use as software ProfiSignal and as hardware TopMessage, LogMessage, Expert devices. This software automates data collection and analysis on the plant floor, helping quality professionals make intelligent decisions to improve their manufacturing processes in real-time, before defects occur.

We provide three different tools for Quality Control:

1. Data Acquisition. We need data from the production that we can control processes. Quality data in the form of process or product measurements can include physical variables and characteristic of products. We provide stationary and portable data acquisition systems and measurement systems.

2. Analyzing. Analyzing is almost the most important tool. By using statistical methods can be done reliable and provable conclusions. These mathematical models make possible to estimate behavior of the process. It is possible to analyze data many different ways. You just choose all those analysis that meet you requirements the best. The control charts are powerful tools that provide the "window" into your data.

3. Reporting. The summaries of the production can be done by reporting systems of process. The summary includes information of production capacity, efficiency, events and so on. The report can be done from analyzing too. The report can include statistics, control and specification limits, part numbers, lot numbers, histograms and custom fields, such as signatures. The report can be printed out to paper or to other program or published on Internet.