Software ProfiSignal


ProfiSignal provides measurement data acquisition for:
Industrial applications
Quality assurance
Cause analysis
It enables access to historical data at high speed and provides a smooth transition between online and offline evaluation. Access to the data within a network can be made from any desktop PC and via the internet. Apart from the data analysis functions ProfiSignal can also be used to visualise test stands or HMI screens of plant and machinery.
ProfiSignal is a software package with functions for process automation and user-defined reporting. Software enables users to create their programs for e.g. for test cycle automation. This includes also parameter input (recipe management). The programming is based on intuitive pull down selection list boxes. Programs can be learned very easily without any specific IT knowledge.
Apart from the programming the user has many possibilities to use sub procedures or event procedures to structure the program. Syntax errors are minimised because the whole input is based on list box entries.

ProfiSignal Options:
Vibration Monitoring
Alarm Management
OPC Client