VA 500 - Flow meter for compressed air and gases

Thermal mass flow sensor for compressed air and gases

Srauto jutiklis VA500


Recording and reducing energy costs and CO2 emissions while increasing the sustainability of any compressed air system. With our VA500 it is possible to monitor your consumption and analyze your leakage flows with just one measuring device. Due to its design, it is also ideal for mobile measurements.

Advantages of the VA 500 flow meter:

  • Measurement of mass flow direct output of standard volume flow 
  • Highly accurate at small as well as higher flow rates
  • Pressure and temperature compensated by the thermal mass flow principle  
  • Quick and easy installation via a ½" ball valve
  • No moving parts, thus low maintenance
  • Vanishingly low pressure drop due to vanishingly low blockage of the diameter
  • Can be used for compressed air and non-corrosive gases such as nitrogen, oxygen, argon, helium, etc.

Technical details

  • 04...20 mA, pulse and a Modbus RTU (RS 485) interface as standard.                                     Optional: Interfaces such as Modbus TCP (Ethernet), PoE, M-Bus 
  • Optional: Interfaces such as Modbus TCP (Ethernet), PoE, M-Bus
  • Optional: Bi-directional measurement 
  • Pressure tight up to 50 bar 
  • Temperature range up to 110°C
  • Protection class IP65
  • Integrated display for showing the measured values 
  • Can be used from 1/2" up to 40", larger diameters on request 
  • Easy installation under pressure
  • Settings can be changed via the display
  • Main counter reading can be reset via the display 
  • Suitable for gas velocities up to 224 Nm/s
  • Highly precise with an accuracy of ± 1.5% or ± 1% of the measured value ± 0.3% of the final value

 pdfVA500.pdf <> pdfInstrukcija.pdf <> pdfModbus Instrukcija.pdf