Wireless humidity and temperature transmitter FT10-RT433-RHT


FT10 RT433 RHT20250x250

Transmitter is splash water resistant and it can be placed directly into the measurement location with no extra cabling.


Inputs Temperature: PT100
  Relative humidity
Accurancy PT100: ±0.5oC
  Humidity: ±3%RH virš 0...50 oC
Input Channels  2
Measuring Range -30...+60oC
  0...100 %RH 
Transmission Interval 5 s... 5 min
Coverage Range open space up to 1000 m
Output Channels 2
Outputs 433 MHz radio signal
Programming MekuWin arba 6790
Supply Voltage Battery: 1.5 V AA alkaline
Battery Life Over 3 years (80 s transmission interval)
Sensor type PT100
Maximum Ambient Temperature 60oC
Minimum Ambient Temperature -30oC
Case Material  plastic (PC and ABC+PC)
Protection Class IP40
Approvals CE ir EN13485