Heat meters

Heat meters are designed to measure the consumption of heat energy being supplied to a system or taken from it with heat power from 100 W to 100 MW where heat medium is water.


Heat meter consists of:

  • calculator,
  • flow transducer with pulse transmitter,
  • temperature sensors of type Pt 500. 

Heat meters in this configuration can be used in the same time to measure the consumption of cooling energy in rooms with air conditioning.

We have a range of heat meters to suit various needs and demands:

  • Wall Mounted,
  • Mounted Compact,
  • Ultrasonic Meters.


There is a possibility to connect heat meters in a network. Possibility to connect additional meters as:

  • water meter,
  • gas meter,
  • electric energy meter,
  • provided that they have a pulse output.

Heat meter can be read by different interfaces as:

  • RS 232,
  • RS 485,
  • M-Bus,
  • Lon Works.


  • MID Approved,
  • BMS output,
  • Pulsed output [Kw/hr], M-bus or 4-20mA versions,
  • Dn 15-300 applications,
  • Battery [6 year life] or 230v AC versions,
  • IP54 protection rating,
  • EMC Class C according to EN1434,
  • Measurement range 5-150°C,
  • Ambient temperature: 0 - 55°C,
  • Temperature resolution: 0.01°C,
  • Measuring frequency 20 - 120 seconds,
  • Selectable annual billing date,
  • No data loss when battery removed,
  • PT500 sensors,
  • Optional version with two pulsed inputs available.


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